What Is Luxx Retreat?

Luxx Retreat provides a private vacation home for our guests to stay overnight and consume cannabis safely. With a variety of Experiences and Services available to add to your stay, your experience is individually customized for your group.*


*Disclaimer: Cannabis is not provided.

BFN #: 2018-BFN-0005763

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I take my cannabis home with me?

A: If home is within the state of Colorado, your purchased cannabis can be repackaged for legal transportation back to your residence. However, crossing any state line with cannabis in your possession is still a violation of Federal Law. If you live out of state, don't take any medicated purchases home. We will safely dispose of medicated products left at LUXX Retreat.

Q: How many people can I bring with me?

A: 8 overnight guests are allowed. Contact us for guests visiting during the day or events. 

Q: What’s the age restriction on guests?

A: Everyone who stays at Luxx Retreat must be 21+ years old, even if you are a valid Colorado Medical card holder.

Q: Can we bring alcohol on our stay?

A: While we do not prohibit the consumption of alcohol during your stay, we strongly recommend you avoid mixing the two substances, as there could be serious health risks involved.

Q: What amenities are provided?

A: Complimentary with every reservation: Premium Cannabis Consumption Devices, Wireless Internet, Streaming Services (Netflix and Hulu), nourishment pack (Drinks and Snacks), and 24/7 guest hotline. 


Maxim Shine

Max is a Colorado native who has lived statewide, and sibling number five of seven. Max has a unique palate for cannabis and cuisine, and loves to get the chance to show his passion for both. A self proclaimed workaholic, if he’s not deep into a project, you can usually find him in a book somewhere, under the hood of a car, or brushing up on his Spanish. Luxx Retreat is his most recent project.

Wyatt Beebe

Wyatt was born & raised in Alaska, living an outdoor lifestyle growing up. In the fall of 2016 he ventured to Colorado to experience the riches the state had to offer --particularly the cannabis industry. He enjoys cannabis naturally grown in micro-life rich soil, with a love for innovation driven cannabis technology and products. 

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